December 9, 2023 @ 8:00PM — 10:00PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts Center: 605 Main Street Middletown, CT 06037 Get Directions

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Having played the local pubs for some time, Phil found himself doing solo work and possessing a genuine desire to play as often as possible. He had been playing with a talented bass player / vocalist who had decided to reduce his playing time, while Phil was feeling the need to perform more often. As luck would have it Frank was looking for a partner. They had met and talked before when they had crossed paths at gigs, and later by phone.

It was June of 2013. Phil had booked himself a gig at "Mystic Village". It was a side venue run in conjunction with "The Mystic Blues Festival". Frank had a series of jobs booked in fact one that very evening. They agreed to use the morning show as a "warm up/ learning session" doing Phil's set list. Being experienced musicians, they read each other well and the show went off without a hitch. A few hours later they met for gig number two which also came off smoothly.

As FrankenPhil progressed, they became more comfortable with each other's playing, and one day Frank started dropping harmonies on top of Phil's vocals (Marc Cohn's " Walking in Memphis" in two part harmony is cool!). They have since expanded the songs to include soloing, and have allowed things to grow in a natural way. Frank and Phil have also forged a true friendship and, the best part, they are meeting wonderful people along the way.

Their corridor extends from Newport, RI to Old Saybrook, CT, and as for north as Middletown, CT. They have traveled into western MA as well. Their goal is to enjoy their lives playing the music they love.

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